Ollie Francis
Episode 4 - Bluetongue

Episode 4 - Bluetongue

New scents slip through the Treewall. The Applewood Foxes have reached Hightwood but will they be welcome?

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Ollie Francis
The Old Bear is dead and the Threehorn Stag rules in Highwood.
One by one the other bloodwoods of the kingdom have come to receive the mark of the new king and pledge him their loyalty. But there are rumours that the Old Bear lives, that his family is hidden away in the North plotting their return. There are whispers that his ghost stalks the vast wasteland of the frozen forest, longing for vengeance. There are even tales that the old gods are walking again and have crossed the desolation of the Eastern Desert to reclaim the bloodwood trees from those who have abused their power.
It is a dangerous world for the animals of the Kingdom. Few will survive what is coming. Fewer still will be glad they did. But there is hope. Those who know, feel it flowing like sap; giving strength to the weak, nourishing the young until it is their turn to step into the light. And when they do, the dance will begin.
Kingdom is a fantasy story written and produced by Ollie Francis. To learn more about this and other projects you can visit www.olliefrancis.co.uk
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